Cafe Istanbul and Hookah carrys a full inventory of some of the finest brands of hookah tobacco (shisha). Our store front servers a large variety of flavors from Al-Fakher to Fumari. We also offer our house mix flavors for your enjoyment.

Hookah Accessories

Cafe Istanbul and Hookah offers a wide variety of hookahs for public sale. Our hookahs are hand made, so you know you are getting a quality product. Our hookahs range in difference according to size, color, material and quality. If you are ready to purchase a hookah please don’t hesitate to visit our store.

  • Khalil Mamoon
  • AlFakher
  • Zahrah
  • Starbuzz
  • Maya


Al-Fakher Brand

“Al Fakher molasses are made from the finest tobaccos and infused with exquisite flavor infusions to create rich, unrivaled, full smoking experience.”


Starbuzz Brand

“Starbuzz is a world renowned manufacturer of the highest quality premiere hookah tobacco.”


Fumari Brand

“All our passion goes into creating and producing the best flavors using only the finest ingredients.”

Hookan Accessories and Tobaccoo

Cafe Istanbul and Hookah also carries a full array of hookah smoking accessories to help you have a pleasant smoking experience. Visit our store and find the products to meet all your hookah smoking needs. We carry the following accessories:

  • Hookah Cleaner Brushes
  • Cases
  • Hoses
  • Coal Electric Burners
  • Coal Cases
  • Tongs
  • Funnel Bowls
  • Ceramic Bowls
  • Clay Bowls
  • Silicone Bowls
  • Vapes and Accessories
  • And much more